The Bang Anything in Breakfast Burrito

LFHW Scotland
10 - 20 mins

Short on time? Try the Bang Anything in in Breakfast Burrito. Utilise fajita leftovers, miscellaneous veg and any greens you’ve got to make this egg-cellent brunch. Lashings of hot sauce highly recommended!

1 x red pepper
1 x onion
Cherry tomatoes
Tortillas (Corn/Flour)
Chop up your pepper and onion and fry in some oil with salt, pepper and a spice of your choice until soft. Add your kale in the last couple of minutes. If you’re using leftover cooked veg then skip this part.
Set aside your veg and wipe out your pan before adding olive oil or butter. Scramble 4 eggs until soft and fluffy.
Heat up your tortillas and pile with the veg mix, scrambled eggs, fresh tomato and sliced avocado.
Roll up and enjoy! Other delicious additions include hot sauce, feta, bacon - whatever you fancy.
Zero Waste Tips: -This recipe really works with any vegetables you have in the fridge. -Tortillas are great to keep in the freezer, as they take hardly any time to defrost. -Leftover avocado or kale can be stored in the freezer, both perfect for adding into a healthy green smoothie.