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Burgers with french fries & salad

LFHW Scotland - Great Taste, No Waste
30 - 45 mins

You can add a little bit of leftover peri-peri sauce to these simple burgers for a bit of spice if you fancy, or just keep them classic. Whatever you decide, the whole family will love this diner-style dinner!

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500g Scotch beef mince, 15% fat
4 large white baps
1 bag French fries
½ cucumber, cut into chunks
½ tub of coleslaw
4 salad tomatoes, sliced
condiments to serve
1 tbsp peri-peri sauce (optional)
condiments to serve
1 tbsp peri-peri sauce (optional)
salt & pepper
a little oil
In a large mixing bowl add the mince, with 1tsp salt, a generous amount of black pepper, and the peri-peri sauce if you wish.
Mix well with your hands, and then divide into 4 equal sized patties.
Cook the French fries according to packet instructions.
Whilst the fries are in the oven, fry the burgers and serve in the buns with sliced tomatoes, your favourite condiments, coleslaw with cucumber mixed through.