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Haggis Sliders with turnip and whole grain mustard slaw

Gary Maclean
30 - 45 mins

This is a very different twist on our traditional Haggis Neeps and Tatties. This is great party food and should attract people who wouldn’t normally have haggis.

450g Haggis
450g Beef mince
12 Slider buns (toasted)
2 Plum tomatoes (sliced)
1 tub Cherry tomatoes
2 Red onion (sliced)
2 Large Dill pickle (sliced)
Relish (optional)
2 Gem lettuce
1 med Turnip
1 large Carrot
½ Lemon
1 small Bunch of Chives
50g Whole grain Mustard
150g Mayonnaise
To make the turnip slaw peel then grate a medium-sized (450g) turnip and carrot. Toss them immediately in the juice of half a lemon. Mix together 4 heaped tbsp of mayonnaise the whole grain mustard and 2 tbsp of chopped chives. Season with salt and black pepper, and then fold into the grated rood vegetables.
Once the slaw is made, set aside and start to make the burger mix, normally when you make burgers there is a certain amount of skill and practice in getting the seasoning correct, the great thing with adding haggis to the mix the seasoning is done by the haggis and give the burger an amazing flavour and also helps with holding in the moisture. To make the burger it’s as simple as mixing the haggis and the minced beef together and add a little salt.
In my opinion I think burgers should be pressed, a butcher would have a fancy pressing machine at home you can recreate this pressing by using a plastic lid. Find a lid that’s about 6cm wide x 2cm deep. Place the lid onto the work surface and then take a large piece of cling film and cover the lid.
Then take some of your mixture and press it into the cling film covered lid. Get as much of the mixture into the lid as you can then fold over the cling film, upturn the lid and push down onto the work surface and press the burger. Remove the burger from the lid and the burger is already covered in cling film.
To cook the burger heat up a griddle pan or frying pan, add a little oil then place the burger into the pan. The secret is to not to touch the burger or turn it over until it has a chance to brown. With the burgers being so small they will cook very quickly.
Once cooked you can now start to build the burger, I like to build the burger up in as many layers as possible. This will make every mouth full different.
Serve with the slaw and if you want to use potatoes some homemade wedges!