Heat preserving brussel sprouts


During December there are so many offers around that are hard to resist. Buying in bulk like this can lead to much wastage if you don't know how to eat it in time. With Le Parfait however cooks can buy big bags of potatoes, Brussels sprouts and oranges in bulk, safe in the knowledge that they can easily heat-preserve the ingredients to be enjoyed at a later date. Here is a great recipe for heat preserving Brussels sprouts to be enjoyed through the year.

450g Brussels sprouts
Mineral/filtered water
5g salt
Wash the sprouts and remove any damaged outer leaves.
Wash your jar with hot soapy water and leave to dry.
Fill the jar with sprouts gradually to ensure you fit in as many as possible. Make sure that the sprouts are at least 4 cm from the rim of the jar as the sprouts tend to get larger when they absorb the water and you want them to be immersed in water after sterilisation.
Add salt then fill the jar with water, 2cm from the rim.
Put the jar into a pressure cooker, steriliser or fully submerged in a pan of boiling water for 1 hour to sterilise. The jar should then be kept at room temperature and will keep you for up to a year.