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  • The #food shop is one part of our day-to-day life where there are plenty of opportunities for making #savings and there’s an added bonus of shopping smarter: less food waste!

    Here are nine ways to help you to save #money on your food shop:

  • #FoodWasteActionWeek is back!
    Join us from 6 - 12 March as we celebrate life's little wins, from having tomorrow’s lunch sorted the night before to defrosting that extra portion of spag bol for a quick and easy dinner.

    Win. Don’t Bin!

    Stay tuned for more announcements...

  • This red onion and goat's cheese tart with pesto is perfect as a starter, main or even for your party food table.

    You can also freeze portions you don’t eat straight away. A great time saver for a simple meal or snack another day when you may be busy.

  • Did you catch us on @PackedLunchC4 yesterday?

    For storage answers: like where does ketchup go? Does honey last forever? And where should I store my potatoes?

    Find out here:

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